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Jinda Child Care

Saving Lives & building futures  since 2007


Jinda Child and Youth Care Centre is a registered NGO (article 21 company) situated in the north eastern province of Mpumalanga in South Africa. Jinda’s primary function is the care and placement of children into a stable and loving family environment. Each home is headed by a foster mother who has been carefully selected and screened by a registered and qualified Social Worker. The children and mothers are monitored by Jinda on a daily basis, keeping in touch with all aspects of their progress and well-being.

Jinda currently constists of:



With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities in education for our scholars. With access to the right schools, a solid foundation in education is set which paves the way to a brighter future.



With our organization’s mission always in mind, our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Influencing and educating children from a young age to enable opportunities for a better future.


Want to volunteer?

Join our dedicated team at Jinda Child Care and make a positive impact in the lives of children. Our team will reach out to you soon to discuss how you can contribute to our mission. 

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Netherlands Sponsor

There is a place of hope just outside the sleepy town of Barberton. It is where a handful of children have come to find solace, acceptance and some form of normality. Ten smiling faces greet you as you walk up to the sandpit, each one of them hoping for a chance to have their picture taken. A bright chorus of “hallo’s” fill the air and soon you are inundated with heartfelt hugs as little arms are flung around you and tightly squeezed. These smiles belong to possibly the most loving souls you will ever meet. They are children, brought here by social services or abandoned by parents who could not take care of them  dequately. But here is not an institution. Here, is a home, a safe haven, a place of nurturing. Here, is Jinda.

Jinda Child Care was started by Peter and Wilma Bakker a few years back when they realised a dire need existed within the community to have a place where, otherwise destitute, children will be afforded a chance at life. Currently the centre, situated on the Bakker’s farm near Prison Farm outside Barberton, houses eighteen children ranging in age from just two year to 18 years old. Despite limited resources, they have managed to accommodate the needs of these little ones, both in education and love. They have a fully equipped school with basic facilities to house and care for the children during the day and homes for the children where they have a family environment of sorts to return to after school.


With a scholarship program in place, headed by supporters in Holland, the children are able to attend good schools which affords them a better future.


The Netherlands sponsor programme is ANBI registered.


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